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Together, they cited information from 5 references.

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While most women surveyed 70 percent hope their partner will sport a low-maintenance "trim," the majority of men surveyed 46 percent want their partners to be completely bare.

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You totally don't have to.

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It will retain odors, which some guys like the one below said he liked but could turn off other guys.

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All underwear is final sale.

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I'll admit, I like to do it sometimes when I'm in a particularly proactive mood.

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The irony was, as much as I'd despised the act when I'd read the online list last Christmas, I'd grown to like getting spanked by him.

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My voice cracked when I managed to finally speak.

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Bradley always teased that I should change my degree to botany because I had such a green thumb.

" He released my leg and ran his hand flat across my spine.

His fingers dug into my skin, his jaw clenched.

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